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Welcome to stagespace_ the new theatre company open to all. We aim to provide high quality, professional productions working with amateur casts on various repertoire. Development of new ideas and creativity are at the core of what we do within our future productions. We believe that creativity is the greatest form of expression.

Director, Luke McBride, undertakes new challenges running stagespace_ and directing his first production of The Bacchae this summer. After recently graduating Bodens College of Performing Arts, he has been able to draw on his experience as a performer and mould this into creating interesting and exciting concepts.

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Creating new concepts for productions is a large part of working on a production. Working collaboratively with cast members is a way that we can involve the brilliant ideas that they can develop. We don't believe in just 'putting on a show'. Instead, developing new and exciting concepts that challenge expectations.

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Location: London, United Kingdom (GMT)

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